Raised on the Connecticut coastline, I began painting wall murals by age 16, which helped fund travels to Europe, Asia, Australia, and Central America. At the University of Connecticut, I earned a Bachelors Degree in History and Anthropology. Working in fashion in New York City, I attended four semesters at the Isabel O'Neil Finishing Art Studio. In 2014, I moved to Folly Beach, SC, seeking a different sort of inspiration and to pursue my art career.  The Charleston area has proved very receptive to local artists.  I began teaching small, donation-based classes on Folly in April 2016.  Chico Feo on Folly agreed to let me begin weekly classes, and the rest is history!

I never dreamed I could teach others, let alone help fill a void for creativity in many people's lives.  

My job rocks.

To view my personal work, please visit ArtbyBri.com

Bri Wenke


All I ask is that you sign up, show up, and be open to something new!  

I GUARANTEE you will have a great time, and leave with something you never knew you had in you.